If your car wheels are corroded, faded, scrached, bent or dented and do not hold air – then it is much cheaper to restore than than buy new one. Powder coating is the best, cheaper and quality way to restore your wheels.


13″ 170€/set
14″ 175€/set
15″ 180€/set
16″ 185€/set
17″ 190€/set
18″ 195€/set
19″ 200€/set
20″ 210€/set
21″ 250€/set
22″ 260€/set
23″ 270€/set

If you want to restore 2 sets on wheels we will give you 10% discount!

If you restore 3 sets on wheels we will give you 15% discount!

Price include wheel glass blasting, powder coating and powder lackering.

Wheel multicolor service price upon agreement.

We also offer transportation service!

Transport over Estonia 60€. Price includes transportation of 4 wheels to destination and back.

NB! Üksikute velgede taastamisel võib esineda toonierinevusi teiste velgedega.

Hinnale lisandub käibemaks.



Use our convenient car storage service 40€
Tyre change service 50€/set
Wheel alignment with precision device 5€/wheel
We straighten aluminum, steel and magnesium wheels 60€/hour
Aluminium wheel straightning small damage 60€/hour
Wheel bend procedure medium damage 60€/hour